Bike Fit Services, Tailored to Mountain Bikers

When it comes to bike fits, I am fascinated by the interplay between the body's mobility and strength, the rider's style and performance objectives, the environment's terrain and surfaces, and the bike's suspension and geometry characteristics. I take all of this and apply my certification as a strength and conditioning specialist, as well as my own deep knowledge of bike mechanics, product development, high performance riding and skills education and blend it in to a unique fit service tailored to the needs of mountain bikers.

This service is a deep-dive investment into your long-term riding process. My goal is to improve your sensation and confidence on the bike, and increase your understanding of your setup and the way you ride.  

Over the past four years I have served clientele ranging from busy weekend warriors to world class cross country, cyclocross and enduro racers seeking to improve performance or overcome chronic discomfort.

This service is applicable to all ability levels, ages 18+. It is most applicable to front and dual suspension mountain bikes and cyclocross bikes, but also appropriate for road bikes as well.

Please use the link below to contact me directly about availability. 


Please contact me directly if you are interested in a bike fit session. Subject to schedule availability. 

Sessions start at $185 (including tax) 

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"My primary motivation to get the bike fit was obviously my knee which was starting to limit my riding. Your changes have made my knee feel an order of magnitude better, crazy how a a few mm’s can make all the difference ! I’m impressed at how much of an improvement I felt in the other areas that you worked on and how much I learned about how to (hopefully) set a bike up myself. Thank you so much!"

-Austin W, Bellingham, WA

A bike fit process tailored to mountain bikers


Part 1: How you move

We begin with a detailed interview to get to know you and your bike, your goals, riding style and expectations. Then we'll go through a physical assessment to evaluate key movement patterns applicable to your riding style and ability level. This information is used to identify areas for future consideration, such as improvements to mobility and strength. 


Part 2: How your bike moves

Next is a mechanical assessment of your bike, particularly focusing on the suspension setup and tire check to ensure the proper balance with your strength, riding style and environment. This includes education on different adjustments and their influence on ride characteristics. 


Part 3: How you move your bike

Next we'll evaluate your position on the bike and make adjustments to optimize for comfort and biomechanics. This includes advice on riding form and fundamental skills as applicable. After, it is recommended to complete at least 3 rides on the new setup, then follow up to confirm that the adjustments are agreeable. If needed, a short follow-up adjustment is included with each appointment.


Please complete this New Client intake form prior to your appointment so that I can get to know you and your bike and your goals for the fit session. 

Bike Fit Intake Form