About Peak Energy Performance

Peak Energy Performance is an athletic performance service run by Spencer Paxson, CSCS, specializing in individualized coaching and consultation for cycling and other outdoor endurance sport. 

Specific services include subscription-based coaching packages and appointment-based training plan design consultation, mountain bike fits, mobility & strength program design, and skills instruction.

PeakBham was launched in 2016 by Spencer Paxson, a licensed coach and sports performance expert and internationally accomplished professional mountain biker and adventure athlete. Beginning in October 2018, PeakBham became an affiliate of Prime Sports Institute in Bellingham, WA, operating independently alongside a top-notch team of sports medicine and performance practitioners to provide clients with unique and comprehensive service. 

Spencer serves clients both in-person and virtually - some are local and some live across the country. In his first two years coaching, Spencer has supported athletes ranging from junior to master's age, with client successes ranging from personal bests in long-term fitness improvement, greater satisfaction participating in local race series, to international success in multi-day adventure racing and qualification for the World Mountain Bike Championships. 

Spencer started Peak Energy Performance as a way to combine his love for sport, science and community.  Spencer's qualifications include a 10+ year career as an elite-cyclist, 6x member of the US National Team and 2x member of the US Olympic Long Team. As a licensed coach and sports performance expert, Spencer maintains accreditations from the NSCA, USAC and BICP to provide premier services to clients.

For more background and information about Peak Energy Performance please explore the site. To inquire directly about services and availability, please send a message via the Contact page.

..emphasis is on process, good times outside, and enhancing quality of life through pursuit of sport

"Anyone considering a training arrangement should know that Spencer is fastidious and methodical, all while imbuing his own stoke and capitalizing on yours. My riding and overall athleticism has been shored up with a solid new foundation and I look forward to continuing to benefit from his measured consideration and natural acumen for sport and instruction." - Isaac, Seattle, WA 

From mountain biking to adventure racing, elite-level competition to personal improvement...